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Telling our Story

Mental Health is all too familiar for Erynne as she watched this illness deteriorate the life of her mother. Fearing for the worst, one morning, Erynne's mother lost her battle to mental health and took her own life. Since then, Erynne has dedicated her time to educate herself and others who may be battling the mental health fight. In the summer of 2021, Erynne got knocked down with her own battle of lip cancer. So, like any boss bitch would do, she developed a beautiful line of lip gloss with UV fighting SPF and combined it with her fight for others of mental health, bringing you Mental Skincare. So not only do you get to continue rocking your lip colors that make you shine with the best ingredients and SPF, you will become part of the Mental Gang support.

You may not have any mental health issues, and that's great, but you may know someone who does and you could help them. But let's be honest, we all have dark to that I say, embrace your dark side.



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